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Extreme Industrial suppliers and Hygiene (EISH) is an importer and wholesaler of 3 of the world’s biggest and most recognized hygiene and cleaning equipment. We have one of the few Master Distributor licenses for Rubbermaid Commercial and Washroom products. We are San Jamar’s preferred African Agent and the sole African agent for Fresh Products USA. EISH has holds the trademarks on PMAT, Eco dome, Pstrip, PSHIELD and is the patent holder of PSTRIP and is currently applying for the patent on PShield. We are the sole Distributor for Wee N Wash. We hold other notable agencies for Wap, Africa Floorcare and Kimberly Clark.  We have a National footprint and have offices and warehousing in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Hygiene Products and Services

Extreme Industrial Suppliers & hygiene is a washroom products wholesale company selling high quality dispensers and refills to distributors in the cleaning and washroom market. We are Master Distributors for 3 of the world’s largest washroom and Commercial Cleaning products companies and the African agent for a company that provides green and environmentally friendly solutions to the washroom environment as well as the Trade mark holder of PMAT, TCLIP, ECO DOME, PSTRIP, Trough Mat

Rubbermaid Washroom Products (Master Distributor)  – Manufacturing dispensers for the washroom environment (soap, air care, auto sanitizes) in Malaysia (designed in the US) and bottling and canning the refills locally in South Africa.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products- (Master Distributor) The world’s largest manufacturer of away from home hygiene, recycling stations, smoking stations, mopping equipment and material handling equipment

Kimberly Clark Professional- (Master Distributor) one of world’s largest manufacturer of away from home hygiene paper Consumables

Hygiene Products Offered

PMAT (Trade Mark Holder)

PSTRIP (Trade Mark Holder) SA PATENT

Remind Air

TCLIP (Trade Mark Holder)

Eco Dome (Trade Mark Holder)

Air care dispenser and refills.

Auto Sanitizer dispensers and refills

Sanitary Bins

Automatic Taps

Baby changing stations and bins

Toilet roll holders (manufactured by Extreme Industrial)

Hand Dryers

Soap Dispensers and refills

Paper Towel Cabinets and paper

Mopping Equipment

Janitorial Trolleys